Purpose of the Study You are asked to complete this survey as part of a national study conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at the University of California, Los Angeles. This study is designed to explore students’ academic involvement, social activities, health and wellness, and interaction with faculty and peers during the first college year. Your college or university may then use this information to improve their services for first-year students and better design first-year programs and classes. The ultimate goal is to enhance student life in the first college year. 

Procedures To participate in this study, please complete and submit the attached survey. Most respondents complete this questionnaire in about 25 minutes, although individual progress will vary by how quickly you move through the questions. 

You may decide not to complete the survey for any reason at any time without consequence of any kind. The Higher Education Research Institute does not offer payment for participation. Your participation and responses to the questionnaire indicate your consent to participate in the study. 

Potential Benefits to Subjects and/or Society You may have the opportunity to reflect on your experiences in college as you complete the survey, which may enhance self-understanding. Your responses to the survey also may help to improve the first year of college at campuses across the country.

Potential Risks and Discomforts There could be survey items that you are uncomfortable answering or to which you would simply prefer not to respond.  Your participation in this study is strictly voluntary, and you will be under no obligation whatsoever to answer any questions that you are not inclined to answer.  You may choose not to answer any specific questions you do not want to answer and still remain in the study.

Confidentiality Please note that your responses will be used for research purposes only and will be strictly confidential. Any information that is obtained in connection with this study and that can be identified with you will remain confidential.  Your identified responses will be returned to your institution for institutional assessment purposes.  Before receiving any responses your school is required to certify in advance that the data will only be used for research purposes and will not be used to investigate specific individuals. Names and addresses will not be returned to your institution, however Student ID Numbers will be included in the final data file to allow your institution to merge responses with other campus data.    

Identification of investigators If you have any questions or concerns about the research, please contact the Managing Director of HERI and Director of CIRP, Dr. Kevin Eagan at this address:

Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies       

Box 951521, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521 Email: heri@ucla.edu Phone: 310-825-1925

Rights of Research Subjects You may withdraw your consent at any time and discontinue participation without penalty. You are not waiving any legal claims, rights or remedies because of your participation in this research study. If you have questions regarding your rights as a research subject, contact the UCLA Office for Protection of Research Subjects, 10889 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 830, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1406, (310) 825-7122.

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